A Little Family Service, LLC - Home and Community-based Services (HCS)
CEO: Luca Little          Phone: (972) 998-6469      Email: alittlefamilyservice@live.com
Frequently Asked Questions
How is A Little Family Service different from other HCS providers?
Most Home and Community-based Service (HCS) providers provide the same services.  The biggest difference lies in the quality of services that are being provided.  A Little Family Service believes it is important to:
  1. Be easily accessible to our Consumers and their caregivers,
  2. Meet our Consumers needs in a timely fashion,
  3. Exhibit professionalism and compassion in all of our interactions.
Providing quality services is our main focus at A Little Family Service, LLC.  Additionally, we offer more money per day for Foster Care/Companion Care than allotted by the State.  We believe that you, the Foster Care Provider, should be reimbursed a comparable rate for all of the work that you do on a daily basis.  The TX Legislature recently reduced the budget for the HCS program; and while many companies are reducing their payment rates, we are offering more than 100% of the Direct Rate.  Please contact us to learn how we are able to give more money back to our families.    
What are your current rates for Foster/Companion Care?
A Little Family Service pays more than 100% of the direct care rate!
These are our current rates:
LON 1: $53.25 per day
LON 5: $56.25  per day
LON 8: $75.25 per day
LON 6: $100.25 per day
LON 9: $129.25 per day
If you are not currently receiving these rates, then you could be making more for providing these services with A Little Family Service, LLC.
What is your process for Staff selection?
A Little Family Service believes in hiring people with a passion for providing daily living services to people with intellectual disabilities.  We complete all of the necessary background checks and reference checks to ensure that you and your loved ones are in good hands. A Little Family Service believes that one of the best ways to provide quality services is to keep the Consumer/Case Manager ratio small.  
I want to change providers.  What is the process?
The first thing that you will want to do is contact your current Service Coordinator with the Local Authority and let them know that you are interested in Transferring HCS Providers.  Your Service Coordinator or current Home and Community-based service Provider should be able to provide you with a list of all of the HCS providers in the area.  The Service Coordinator will get the proper paperwork completed by the Consumer/LAR and the two HCS Providers so that a Transfer date can be established.   We encourage you to compare us to at least three other providers before making a choice.  Our services and rates speak for themselves.
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